VIDEO + Basil + Cream + Roasted Strawberries

By Erica | April 12, 2013 | Film

Middlewest: Basil + Cream + Roasted Strawberry from Middlewest Magazine on Vimeo.

You may have seen our new video on, in the same post where they called Middlewest their “new favorite indie food magazine” (thanks Saveur!).  We wanted to post it here, too.

Christina Stradone made this video as a sort of trailer for our first issue, 10 Recipes For Spring. It follows the process of making what is perhaps the most springy of those recipes: An icebox cake with layers of roasted strawberries and basil-infused whipped cream.

Of course, strawberries are not quite in season yet. That gives you plenty of time to watch this video and perfect your technique.

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Middlewest No. 1 + A preview

By Erica | April 5, 2013 | Issue Preview

Middlewest No. 1, 10 Recipes For Spring, gets shipped next week. In other words, the thing is finally finished.

As the title suggests, our premiere issue features 10 full-color, double-sided recipe cards, each one treated with a protective coating that resists things like olive oil and tomato sauce. Also included is a copy of our literary supplement, which is where we publish essays, articles and photographs. All of this comes in a sturdy resealable envelope. Here’s a photo:


Photos by: Erica Gannett

Some of the recipes included in the first issue:

Pea Påté
Carrot-cumin soup with parsley oil
Lamb hand pies
Spaghetti with asparagus-pistachio pesto
Lemon-almond tart
Strawberry-basil icebox cake

The authors we are proud to publish in our literary supplement:

Rumaan Alam
Mark Gindi
Emma Straub

Middlewest No. 1 is available right here, in our store.

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